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Every child is entitled to the hope of a better future.

nourish to flourish

Nourish to Flourish In 2012, Bob Dillinger, the elected Public Defender at the time, learned there were over 7,000 chronically hungry children in Pinellas County. He was determined to do something about such a heartbreaking problem. The Beth Dillinger Foundation then started its Nourish to Flourish program to help feed these children on the weekend when they did not receive food at school. Nourish to Flourish began feeding just 10 elementary school children, but that number soon soared. To date, we have provided over 375,000 meals and that number continues to climb every week. For $5.70 you can provide a child with a food tray consisting of 12 nourishing items to help provide nourishment on the weekends. As their teachers repeatedly say, "If a child is hungry they cannot learn."

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